Our team

We’re a small and compact team but our work flow is fantastic. Keeping the organisation lean is a key factor in the way we move through tasks quickly and are able to scale the business at a faster rate. Our autonomy within our roles facilitates each employee to be even more adaptable in their role. Although a small team, we’re a tightknit group with a strong work ethic.

Lewis Holland CEO

The leader of the pack, Lewis, loves a challenge! Whether it’s a cheeky bet or cycling across Europe (2100KM) he’s always up for beating the odds. His passion for helping others is at an all-time high; just don’t put him in a hot air balloon because he’s terrified of heights!

Andrew Sammut Alessi Product Manager

Following his escape from Google’s nerd hub, Andrew has become DiscountIF’s machine. His resilience and determination have helped us move forward as a team and company. When he’s done from coding, Andrew enjoys watching Ted talks and learning new things; his love for festivals makes us love him more.

Chris Baldwin Dev & Tech Consultant

The tech guru who knows more about coding than the code itself; Chris has brought his expertise to DiscountIF. Innovating our product and delivering a successful service he never seems to let us down. When he’s not glued to his computer, Chris enjoys breaking the rules of physics with skiing and sailing.

Danny Crossen Business Development Consultant

Our latest addition to the team, the man with all the contacts, Danny brings his experience and networks to DiscountIF. Being highly enthusiastic and driven his work ethic is set to take us to the next level. Always up for a laugh and some fun, there’s never dull moment with Danny.