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DiscountIF At a Glance

DiscountIF is a marketing and gamification tool powered by sport. Our technology allows any online business to offer rewards on purchases made if their customer successfully predicts the outcome of a live event.

Our tool acts an enabler for sport teams and sport sponsors to help leverage their partnerships through sponsorship activation campaigns by creating a promotional offering which directly translates into transactions.

We also assist sport teams in both ticketing and merchandise by creating sales promotions which are directly linked to the on-the-pitch performance of their team.

Our technology has increased sales and customer engagement for our clients, whilst generating an opt-rate of over 25%. Through the DiscountIF platform, our clients are able to offer their customers higher rates of rebates and coupons whilst still incurring the same cost as a 10% discount.

Sports teams can use DiscountIF to utilise their passionate fans to drive sales and engagement by offering rewards based around the sport team’s performance.

Sport sponsors are able to run sponsorship activation campaigns with ease. Our promotion tool is easy to install and set up and can be applied to any sport sponsorship.

Take a look at our case studies.

We are the first company globally to create a platform which allows customers to get a reward on their purchase if the customer correctly predicts the outcome of a live event. Our proposition provides a WIN-WIN situation for both the customer and the retailer.

Understanding DiscountIF

All orders where customers opt-in for a DiscountIF offer are tracked within your account on DiscountIF.com. These can all be viewed by going to ‘Orders’ within our account.

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Anything you want! Whether you want to give your customers an additional service or hand them a coupon code, it’s entirely up to you. Examples of rewards range from discounts, coupons, cashback, merchandise, additional services and voucher codes.

Our technology does all this in the background, we have a unique and complex algorithm, which took years of testing and experience to perfect. Our algorithm takes into consideration your budget, the potential reward and the likeliness of the event happening. Every reward is calculated in real-time to give you the most accurate and fair rewards to offer to your customers.

The rewards are given out by you, the client. DiscountIF provide you with the platform to offer such promotional rewards for making a purchase, however we do not give out any form of rewards to your customers.

No, we only need to capture a customer ID and the order amount paid from your website as these are the default values we need to track orders. We do not capture any customer data, such as name or email. However should you wish to share more customer data to make it easier to track orders, then that can also be implemented.

You can calculate the potential cost ahead of the campaign, so much so, that it has entirely the same cost effect as running a 10% discount campaign. However each of our clients thus far has been able to finish a campaign below budget due to those purchasing customers having different outcome selections. In most cases our campaigns ended with below 10% of customers winning a reward. Furthermore our platform has uplifted sales by 16%, so your revenues will be more than positive.

Installation is very straight forward and can be completed with a few lines of code. This usually takes a couple of hours to set up, however we’ve had clients were it only took a couple of minutes to complete. It all depends on the complexity of your website. In terms of the operational side of things, our tool has Terms & Conditions as well as a 'How it Works?' guide inbuilt. This ensures that your marketing team can focus on promoting the campaign and driving more traffic to your website.

Your customer audience should give you a good understanding of what they’re interested in. Though our platform provides thousands of relevant events from football to the weather and even some TV shows such as X Factor! However if you're unsure or have no sports understanding whatsoever, we can offer some additional support to help you select the most engaging events to generate the best kind of results.

Installing DiscountIF on Your Website

Enter your website domain, email and password to create an account for your website or domain.


Once your account is activated, to integrate Discount IF Widget into your website, you simply need to add the following script reference right before </head> tag of your website html.

   <script src="//apps.discountif.com/cashbackif/js?cid=YOURDOMAIN.com" type="text/javascript" async="async" defer="defer"></script>
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Following the successful completion of an order, the widget requires an order payload which acknowledges that an order has been completed and provides some order information, which is used to link orders to accepted offers.

The payload is generated by the clients website code and can be provided in two ways.

  • A URL Hash Tag, which is post-order generated by the client
  • javascript object, which is post-order generated by the client

For security, authenticity and validation, the payload contains a digital signature generated by the client using a Pre-Shared Key which is known only by the client and Discount IF.

Javascript Sample Payload

   var cashbackif_payload = {
     order=1234, amount=12.99,
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Use your own lingo to customise the tool and align to your brand. All fields are HTML enabled, which means you gain full control on design as well as content. Available only to ‘Business’ and ‘Pro’ subscribers.

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Within our different pricing packages we offer the option to personalise the banner with text and images. Available only to ‘Business’ and ‘Pro’ subscribers.

Running a Campaign

Before you can begin you'll need to setup a campaign. You'll need to define campaign budgets, the cost of your regular discount campaign (example: 10%) as well as the kind of reward you are offering your customers. This could be monetory value in the form of Vouchers, Gift Cards, or even Cashback.

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After you've configured your campaign you'd need to add Live Events to the tool to go live. The rewards banner won't get displayed on your website until you've added an event. To add/remove events go to ‘Offers’ page of your account. Simply type in the name of the event you are looking for and/or use the dropdown list to give you more accurate search results.

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Within the ‘Settings’ section of your account, go to to ‘Configure’ and simply uncheck ‘Active/Visible’ to either turn the banner on or off. A checked box indicates that the banner is being displayed.

It's easy to download a list of all campaign partcipants in CSV format. After each campaign navigate to the 'Sales' tab and then click on 'Download CSV' button. This will download the entire Sales list, which you can then easily sort by WINNERS. This makes settling vouchers nice and easy.


Our pricing is based around our partner/client’s total amount of sales from customers who entered into the offers generated by the DiscountIF platform.

Example, if a client makes £1m in sales during a period, and £300k of those sales opted-in for a DiscountIF offer, then we're assuming £300k is the sales figure on which your pricing plan is determined.

NO, there is no charge for creating an account. Feel free to sign-up and check out our technology and see how our platform could work for your website!

Yes! However please make sure that the amount of transactions, going through the DiscountIF platform when installed on your site, does not surpass the limit. Once you have passed this limit you will be charged accordingly. You can see additional information on how we charge on our pricing page.

You will only be charged once you have passed the benchmark of sales through DiscountIF on your website. For further clarification please visit our pricing page or reach out to us.

You can cancel your monthly or yearly subscription at any time after which you’ll be able to make use of your account up to the date of which you last paid.

No, by inputting the total amount within the ‘Campaign Budget’ the rewards calculated will not go over the amount you wish to give away. You may also switch off the banner at any pooint stopping any other potential opt-ins.


We offer support through our Live Chat functionality. We aim to get back to any queries you may have within 48 hours. However should you decide to go for our ‘Pro’ package we’ll provide you with a dedicated email to solve any issues as soon as possible.

No there is no added charge for support. However should you wish to go for a smaller package which does not provide you with a dedicated email, you may contact us to arrange for special rates and get additional support.

We offer support via Live Chat, however if your query is a serious one, we’ll try get one of our agents to give you a call and overcome the issue as soon as possible!