Manchester City Sample Campaign

What if?

The below 'case study' represents what the Manchester City online merchandise store could achieve by running a two week promotions campaign with DiscountIF.

Every estimate has been calculated logically by referencing previous campaigns and case study data.

The following 'case study' will show what benefits implementing the DiscountIF tool can have for any football ecommerce store looking to increase sales.

Our Assumptions

man city assumptions

Current monthly traffic for the Manchester City online merchandise store is at 94,000

Customer Offers

The offers presented to visitors who land on the Man City merchandise store would be as follows:

man city offers

The customer would then make their selection and will claim their voucher only if they correctly predict the outcome of the match.

The Metrics

Our platform has shown that we uplift sales transactions by 16%, which is displayed in the below image by increasing sales by £48,000; thus resulting in a total of £348,000 gross sales.

man city campaign metrics

Within the £348,000 of gross sales, £90,480 of sales is from those customers who have opted-in for an offer presented through the DiscountIF platform.

Through research, we found significant evidence that customers select different offers from one another, not everyone selects the same level of reward to be won. People would most likely go for their favourite team or the most likely match outcome. The way in which the selections are spread out is showcased in the below images.

The selection and potential payout of offers would be spread as follows:

potential reward payouts
man city scenario

  • Manchester City would have to payout £9,480 in rewards if Sunderland win, as the total reward to payout works out to 100% of the customer’s basket.
  • The final results achieved from the DiscountIF campaign can be identified by calculating the difference between the total increase in sales and the total payout of the offer.

  • (Total increase in sales) - (Total payout of offer) = (Net Increase in Sales)
  • IF Man City beat Sunderland, then:
  • £48,000 – £5,429 = £42,571

Expected costs of rewards that are paid out, works out between 4-8% of sales from customers entering the offer. Therefore it works out to significantly less than offering a 10% discount.

In Summary

Our tool helps merchandise ecommerce managers in a few ways and achieves results with:

  • An inbuilt calender of upcoming matches
  • Option for dynamic offers, which update in real time
  • Converting fan engagement to fan monetisation
  • High customer satisfaction through unique shopping experience
  • Weekly promotions offering customers the chance to get rewarded
  • Marketing content to shout about on website, social media, newsletter, etc.

man city scenario